Are you confused about whether to update your WordPress website to the latest version or not? Want to know what are the pros and cons of doing so? In this article, we take a look at why it is essential to keep your WordPress website up to date:


This reason is perhaps the most important reason for updating your WordPress website. Due to the high popularity of WordPress, it is a common target for hackers and the fact that the tool is open source makes it easier to penetrate. Every time a new security vulnerability is identified, the WordPress team releases an update for fixing the security issue. Updating your WordPress, its plugins, and themes will help you keep your website safe from unauthorized access.

New Features

Whenever a major release of WordPress is issued, it comes with tons of new features and changes to the tool. If using an older version of WordPress, then you will be deprived of all of these cool new features – not only this but you will also have trouble in finding help online because the WordPress support forum automatically assumes that you are using the newest version of the tool.


With every update, the WordPress developers are trying to make everything on your website more efficient and quicker. Every release comes with a set of performance improvements that can play a vital role in the SEO of your site. It is advised to keep your WordPress updated for maximum performance.

Bug Fixes

Before issuing every major release of WordPress, a rigorous process of testing is carried out. However, that does not guarantee that there are no cracks or bugs left behind. These glitches are why every once in a while there are minor releases issued to correct these matters. These minor corrections are why you are often advised to update your WordPress whenever asking for help on the support forums because the bug fix might automatically solve the issue for you!

In conclusion, upgrading WordPress is essential because it will help you improve your website’s security, get access to new features, enhance the performance of your site, improve compatibility with the latest plugins, and enjoy a bug-free and error-free WordPress environment.

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