Trends are the popular changes in every creative field of life. These trends are the driving forces of change which push a particular industry to move forward. As technology advances and becomes more embedded into every aspect of our daily lives, users are demanding more and more from their online experiences.  The web is the unique environment that is continuously changing, which means web designers now encounter the challenge of developing websites which understand and respond to the users.

According to website design experts, 2017 will dominate the world of web designing with the following features:

Design that points to message: The arrangement of design elements within a given structure should allow the reader to quickly focus on the message, without slowing down the speed of his reading.

Bold colors: The use of more bright, super rich and dark colors in web design is helpful in attracting the customer’s attention and becomes the signifier for different brands. A good example of this is Spotify’s recent update to their branding, moving from their well established, and ‘safer’ green color, to a more noticeably vivid hue.

More SVG’s: SVG’s (Scalable vector graphics) present web designers with lots of advantages over more traditional images in the formats of JPG, PNG, and GIF. SVG’s are composed of vectors, meaning SVG’s are resolution free and look great on any screen

Animation oriented: Better use of animation on a website and making sure it is relevant guarantees that animations perform expressive, on-brand functions for users, instead of just stimulating migraines.

Virtual Reality: It is the computer generated environment that leads to experience a different type of reality. The VR market is truly on the fast track of growth globally. VR gives a different immersed experience and will be used more and more.

Raleigh Inbound Marketing is tracking all these upcoming trends of 2017 and will provide other worthy services like integrated marketing solutions to enhance brand performance and increase sales.

These are only a few of the trends for website designs. For further queries, contact Raleigh Inbound Marketing at 919-766-2040.