What is Inbound Marketing?

In the past year, have you had a question about a product or service you were considering buying? Did you turn to the newspaper, magazine articles, radio or TV for your answer? Did you turn to Google or another search engine for your answer?

Inbound Marketing and Social Media SharingIt doesn’t matter what our age, job or profession is, we get consistent answers to our questions from the web. It’s an amazing tool to get people talking about us and what we are doing.

The idea of convincing people to do something, of sharing stories, and telling people ideas throughout our network of friends is called Word of Mouse.

Traditional Outbound MarketingTraditional marketing is the kind of marketing focused on pushing advertising out into the world to interrupt our lives and hoping something sticks and maybe someone might see it. Paying for TV or radio advertisement space is like taking a stab in the dark. The costs associated with these forms of advertisements are too much to be taking a blind stab.

These techniques are less effective and have become more expensive with the advent of Caller ID, TiVo, Spam Filters, and RSS feeds.

For online success, you need to think of yourself as a publisher. It is about telling your story directly to an interested market.

Keep in mind no one cares about your product or service. What they care about is their own problems and solutions to those problems.

Inbound Marketing is marketing focused on getting found by customers.

Think Like a Publisher for Inbound MarketingInstead of interrupting people with TV ads, create videos that potential customers want to see and share with their friends. Instead of buying print ads in the newspaper, create your own blog that people subscribe to and want to read. Instead of cold calling, create useful content that people call you looking for more information.

By thinking like a publisher, as opposed to thinking like a marketer, you can create great content that your buyers want to consume and spread to their friends. Your buyers will tell your story for you.

If outbound marketing is based on quantity then inbound marketing is based on quality. Inbound marketing has leveled the playing field for small businesses and large corporations.

Inbound marketing has provided a platform for small businesses to interact with their customers. There is tremendous opportunity to spread the word about a new product or service quickly using these techniques. With social media tools you are better able to help market your business like larger corporations. These tools aren’t enough to put your company over the hump but with persistence and the right knowledge, you can gain traction in Google to compete effectively with your larger competition.