I started my business to help other small business owners, already overwhelmed with work, implement an inbound marketing campaign for lead generation. Inbound Marketing is a combination of search engine optimization (SEO), Content Marketing and Social Media.

Inbound Marketing is creating content with a call to action that is findable on searches and then magnifying that content on Social Media for better lead generation.

Social Media Consultant

Social Media Consultant

Social media seems to be the latest buzz word in business. It’s something abstract and intangible which can make the concepts hard to grasp. If a business owner doesn’t have a personal understanding of what social media is about or what it can do, then creating a social media strategy is a daunting task.

Hence, a social media consultant is hired.

Business owners tend to compartmentalize their business into categories: accounting, sales, marketing, fulfillment, customer service, social media, etc. Therein lies the problem when it comes to implementing a fantastic social media campaign.

Social Media should not be viewed as a stand-alone task. To be most effective and provide the business owner with the best ROI, incorporating social media into the entire digital marketing campaign and business culture will get more traction for your efforts in the long run.

I have spoken to many social media consultants about how they help businesses. What amazes me is that they don’t involve the company in postings, nor do they learn what the company is doing. These consultants get control of a platform such as Facebook, and just post. It is easy to spot these types of consultants by the lack of engagement of fans on the postings.

Social Media consultants also tend not to “teach” businesses what to post, what to look for in a posting update, best practices on posting, how to think about using different parts of their digital marketing in their social media plan. If the consultant can keep their knowledge, then they are worth more to a business. I feel it is just the opposite.

Learn about social media yourself. Read about it. Find an employee or two or three who is already using a social media platform and ask them what they know. Don’t stay in the dark. Social media isn’t going away and it can benefit a business if used strategically.

I believe the most effective social media campaigns have many employees along with the social media consultant posting consistently. The companies I work for that get involved, listen to my advice, give me updates on what’s going on in their business, and are actively incorporating social media into their digital marketing mix seem to have the most engagement and movement on their social channels.

Does the consultant understand SEO?

Social media, especially on Google Plus, can affect a company’s search rankings when posting. Just posting a status update is fine but understanding keywords and where to put the keyword in the posting will enhance a company’s Google juice.

For example, just posting a link on Google Plus page isn’t as effective as including part of the article (which generally includes keywords in the first paragraph or two). Google Plus also allows for hashtags and links in comments.

How can you incorporate social media into your digital marketing mix?

Your social media consultant needs to be a partner with your marketing team, or you the business owner, for best results in the overall campaign. The marketing plan can be magnified on social media with status postings, hashtags, blogs, images, video, and contests.

A good social media consultant should understand your digital marketing plan to be able to incorporate your social media strategies for enhancing your campaigns. They need to understand search engine optimization (and keywords), as well as providing you, the business owner, with ideas and knowledge.

Your website is the hub of your business. Using social media allows a business to “talk” to their audience. A good social media consultant helps pull all the marketing, business goals, and social media channels together for stronger social engagement.