This is a personal branding question. Google has made us use our personal Google Plus profile in order to set up a Google Brand or Business Page, which is just like Facebook. The line, however, blurs on Google for most small business people who are branding themselves personally.

Which is better to use when posting, your personal G+ profile or your company Google Brand Page?

If you take a look down the road of time about five years, what does your business look like? Will you have staff or will you continue to brand yourself personally no matter what company you are with?

As a salesperson, small business owner or basically any business person who needs to “brand” themselves, use the personal profile for communicating with your audience. This is about having a conversation with people so they can know, like and trust you.

Your Google Profile = Your Voice.

The power of the Google Brand Page is the ability to establish your brand online and receive reviews. Should you decide that the outlook of your business in five years is to have grown and be known as a Brand, then use your Google Brand Page “as your page.”

Your postings will look like the brand is posting. Think of a Facebook Business Page. It’s the same thing. You post as your business, not as you personally. It gives the company a voice.

Can reviews only be on a Google Brand Page? Unfortunately not, you can only have a Google+ Local Page where reviews can be posted. If you have a bona fide business address where customers can come, and that Google can find in other online directories, then you may set up a Google Local Page.

To get the most benefit, you will want to have a Google Brand Page merged with the Google Local Page through a verification process. But to do so you MUST create your Google Brand Page as a “local business” type; the other types cannot be merged with a Local Page.

Remember, what’s the PURPOSE? Why are you doing it? It’s almost like a mission statement to guide your postings. Use it in conjunction with all your other marketing too.

Here is an idea for a realtor. Use the Google Local Page to get reviews, the Google Brand Page to post “reports” or industry news. Make it a” go to” page for people to get real estate information. You can then share it on your personal profile. Use your YouTube channel for Market Update Reports.