Today’s blog is full of valuable insights into social media. First up…Godiva looks to digital video to increase “top-of-mind awareness”. Godiva needs to get in front of eyeballs more often. To grow volume, it’s not about convincing people it tastes good but to remind people it’s something they may want to pick up. Chocolatier Godiva is increasing its digital spend to 70% of its marketing budget this year, in the form of paid social and search, programmatic and partnerships with publishers. Digital video is one area where the company hopes to transform its advertising to reach a younger demographic with short clips shot specifically for Instagram and other social channels.

Facebook rolled out a multichannel campaign, “Stories Can Do It,” to coincide with Advertising Week New York that’s running across social, digital, billboards, email, live events, subway signage and more, designed to spotlight the positive effect Stories has on society. The campaign includes a dedicated site for advertisers on how to make best use of the feature and a collaboration with Sean Casey Animal Rescue on Instagram that features Stories about rescue dogs geotargeted toward New Yorkers to encourage adoption.

With organic marketing all but dead on Facebook, brands like the Chicago Bulls have been on the lookout for a replacement, so TikTok will be used as a platform for the Chicago Bulls’ organic marketing.

Marketers need to stay abreast of changing social media platforms to maximize efficiencies. Here are 7 current key trends, including a rise in TikTok ad spending, the growth of “long-form, episodic content” on Facebook paired with “more mid-roll programmatic advertising opportunities,” an increasing number of promotions within Instagram Stories, Twitter’s dominance for brand reach and an escalation of branded podcasts.

And lastly, how to manage social media hecklers. Jennifer Hanford offers advice to social marketers on how to handle negative comments, noting that while some brands, like Wendy’s, can thrive on snarky comebacks, it’s safer to take a less combative approach. Remain professional, remember that social posts will be public forever and maintain a consistent brand voice and approach, she advises.

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To drive people into stores, Godiva is spending more money on online video

If you’re searching for where to find chocolate near you online, Godiva wants to be on your radar. That’s why the chocolatier, known as one of the more premium chocolate brands, is increasing its digital spend, which now makes up 70% of its overall marketing budget, up from 60%, as it plans to target a younger customer than it has before.

While Godiva is a recognizable and well-known global brand, it tends to be one customers think about for special occasions or holidays rather than day-to-day chocolate consumption. Increasing the “top-of-mind awareness” through paid search, paid social, as well as programmatic and partnerships with publishers like PopSugar and Buzzfeed, is part of the company’s plan to grow the business by five times over the next six years, according to John Galloway, chief marketing and innovation officer for Godiva.

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Facebook campaign showcases unwanted shelter dogs to push Stories feature

Facebook has been putting weight behind its Stories platform lately and the latest effort, ‘Stories Can Do It’ takes it global, with a new landing page, live activations during Advertising Week New York and a focus on the impact Stories can have on culture and business.

The campaign, created with one of Facebook’s lead creative agencies, Droga5, aims to inspire a new generation of creatives with the format, and Facebook hopes to put Stories in a position to be at the center of the next wave of advertising.

‘Stories Can Do It’ kicks off at Advertising Week with two activations that showcase the platform’s potential. The first sets out to prove Stories can find homes for unadoptable dogs. In this activation, Droga5 and Facebook created individual Stories ads for a group of unwanted shelter dogs. The second activation helps an up-and-coming comedian hone her material using the poll feature, culminating in a live performance during Advertising Week.

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The Chicago Bulls enlist their mascot for TikTok

The Chicago Bulls found building a brand on TikToK has a steep learning curve.

Since it debuted on the social platform last month, the Chicago Bulls content team has posted 15 videos, a third of which have surpassed 1 million views, said Kamil Strycharz, digital content coordinator at the Chicago Bulls. Two of those videos have clocked in over 4 million views, double the 2.7 million and 2.2 million views that were previously the team’s most-watched online videos, which were published on Facebook. Whereas those Facebook videos focused on the feats of past and former players, TikTok’s videos feature team mascot Benny the Bull as a way to slide the team into the new, quirky subculture emerging around the latest social media darling.

“This is where young people are online now,” said Strycharz.

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7 Social Media Trends To Watch Out For Before 2020 Hits

The world of social media is regularly evolving, with fast-paced shifts and updates throughout Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and other key social platforms. Here are seven social media trends to watch out for before the new year starts.

More ad budget will be spent on TikTok. The average TikTok user now spends around 45 minutes per day on TikTok, according to Fast Company, which is more time than on Facebook. I see TikTok taking incremental ad budgets from Facebook, as momentum keeps swinging in the new network’s favor.

Facebook will continue investing in long-form news shows, but with a European focus. The platform’s bid for long-form, episodic content shows no sign of lessening any time soon, leading to more mid-roll programmatic advertising opportunities for brands.

We will see more ads within Instagram Stories. Story ad frequency has drastically increased in recent months, to the point where it’s detracting from the overall Instagram user experience. For example, Instagram was experimenting with increasing ad volume in Stories via testing back-to-back Stories ads from different brands. This kind of feature could really tick off users.

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5 Key Tips for Managing Criticism and Negative Comments Online

As someone who’s made a career of sharing content on various social media platforms, as well as managing various online communities, I can honestly say that I’ve seen, and heard, it all. Well, maybe not everything – but let’s just say nothing really shocks me anymore. At least not yet.

Some days are better than others. On some days, when monitoring and dealing with colorful language or other bold comments on the Facebook Pages I manage, I think of those Farmers Insurance commercials where the actor says he ‘knows a thing or two because he’s seen a thing or two.’ This one, in particular, comes to mind:

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