TikTok, influencer marketing, and international conservation are all on tap this week. Target hired its first-ever director of talent partnerships and influence marketing to manage influencers and promote its brand. Macy’s, Chipotle Mexican Grill and FabFitFun are a few of the increasing number of brands that are utilizing influencer campaigns to engage with TikTok’s growing user base, an audience that has yet to be saturated with promotions. Pandora has integrated with Instagram Stories, enabling users to share podcasts, playlists, songs and more with others on the social app. The integration includes a cover art card for the content being shared that can be personalized by users with stickers and text.

Why Retailers Need to Pay Attention to TikTok

Video-sharing app TikTok was the darling of VidCon this year. The media latched onto its low-fi approach of seeding creators all over the conference, where fans could easily interact with them.

By contrast, YouTube creators were often cordoned off into formal presentations and meet-and-greets. “Platforms like TikTok are beginning to emerge as a channel for influencers to grow their brand. We think that’s one to keep an eye on,” said Melanie Cohn, senior manager of brand engagement at Dunkin’ Brands.

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Influencers get behind TikTok and Conservation International for #SaveOurOceans challenge

TikTok has partnered with Conservation International, to launch the #SaveOurOceans challenge with the aim to raise awareness to protect oceans.

As part of the agreement, TikTok users are being urged to showcase their support for ocean conservation through their short videos. For every video uploaded with the hashtag #SaveOurOceans, TikTok will donate $2 to Conservation International to help save 3,000 square kilometers of ocean (up to $100,000).

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Target Launches #TargetTalent – A Yearlong Influencer Initiative With Lauren Giraldo, Try Guys’ Ned Fulmer, And More
Target is pushing into the influencer marketing space in a major way after hosting its first NewFronts presentation this spring, where it announced a complete rebrand of its in-house media agency, Roundel. At the same time, Target tapped digital, Vine, and AT&T vet Karyn Spencer to serve as its first-ever director of talent partnerships and influence marketing, overseeing relationships with traditional celebrities and digital creators on the retailer’s behalf.

Now, on social media in recent days, seven diverse influencers have begun sharing posts with the hashtag #TargetTalent. The posts tease an initiative that has yet to launch in full but hints at a long-term content partnership slated to roll out on a variety of platforms for a variety of Target products and initiatives over the next year. The yearlong timeframe here is important, marking something of a progressive notion given that brands often work with creators on a one-off or single-campaign basis.

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Pandora Users Can Now Share Content via Instagram Stories

Great music and podcasts were meant to be shared. That’s why we’re excited that starting today, Pandora users across all tiers of service can share their favorite songs, albums, podcasts, playlists or Pandora stations with their friends via Instagram Stories, and also give them free access to Pandora’s entire library of music and podcasts!

Sharing content on Instagram Stories starts rolling out to limited Pandora users today, and will be available to all Pandora users over the coming weeks.

Whenever you’re playing your favorite audio entertainment on the Pandora app, just tap “Share” and then “Instagram Stories” on the Now Playing screen and a special Cover Art card for that music or podcast will generate on your Instagram Stories.

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