I was really shocked watching the Super Bowl by how much brands missed using social media outside of the hashtag! The integration of social media into the Super Bowl commercials was pretty lazy. Slapping a hashtag in a commercial does not begin to tap into how powerful a tool social can be.

Oreo, Speed Stick and Coca Cola were some of the few commercials that tried to use social media and expand on their commercial.

Coca Cola had a great idea for voting on the outcome of their commercial. Too bad many had trouble accessing the website to vote. Their choice of hashtag could’ve been thought out more. “#cokechase” was a risky choice.

The Oreo tweets really demonstrated the power of social media marketing — which is the ability to create content and interact with your audience in real time. Oreo was particularly clever with their post, working from a war room set up just for the Super Bowl. They did a great job capitalizing on the blackout. It goes to show what can happen when marketers can think on their feet and are brave with their efforts.

What’s funny is that no-one else capitalized creatively. The CBS team kept on giving updates as to when the power could potentially go on and extended the delay. With 38 minutes to play with Oreo became the “1984” Apple ad of this Super Bowl. CBS failed to utilize Social Media in their broadcast with all the celebrities tweeting and Instagraming in the Super Dome during that time the conversation became dull…

Overall I was thoroughly disappointed with the commercials with regards to integrating social.