Nowadays, Social Media is becoming the best, quickest and probably the most efficient source of advertisement. Big organizations are spending a good amount of their budgets to promote themselves on social media. In a few of the organizations, social media departments have been set up. The reason behind the emphasis on social media is because consumer purchasing behaviors and trends are changing. A majority of people are influenced by the advertisements displayed on social media to purchase a multitude of products. It is estimated that Facebook earned almost $7 Billion in 2016 through ads. Companies are investing a lot on social media. Thus it is important to know what is the latest trend related to Social Media Marketing.  This article looks at the upcoming and latest trends for 2017.

Live Video Content.  Recently it has been found that despite a number of online live video forums, people are trending more towards Periscope and Facebook Live. Periscope’s yearly review showed that people collectively watched more than 110 years of live streaming video every day.  Just on New Year’s Eve, Facebook Live reached record-breaking figures worldwide. Given this trend, Instagram and Twitter launched their live streaming at the end of 2016.

Brands and Messaging Apps.  Twitter, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and WeChat collectively were used by more than 4 billion people in the world.  Companies are using messaging apps to respond to customer’s questions quickly.  That responsiveness is translating into retaining customer’s business.

E- Commerce. Many social media forums have launched this feature that allows you to purchase items within the social media application. Instagram has launched this feature for the first time during the mid of 2016. This feature has also increased the number of users of Instagram. Since customers often follow companies or products through social media being able to purchase the item through the social media site is fast and efficient.  Look for more sites to add this feature.

Virtual Reality Marketing.  Virtual reality is expected to open a whole new platform for commercialization.  This style of marketing allows the customer to be totally immersed in a company’s story or message.  It’s very new to the industry but as virtual reality devices become more popular expect businesses to use this new platform to engage their customers in a deeper experience.

Competition.  Mobile advertising will grow even more competitive. As more people respond to social media advertising, more companies will be trying to get their attention.  As the field becomes crowded, there will be more pressure to grab the customer’s attention and businesses will have to become more creative in ways to do that.

Companies in the coming year need to track these trends and respond according.  As social media grows and evolves, these trends will significantly affect marketing strategies and budgets.  Follow these trends to keep pace with modern business practices.

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