Great Things Are Happening At Raleigh Inbound Marketing.

3 years ago I started this business taking a leap of faith.  Since then clients have come and gone and the internet has grown.  Overall, the marketing principles for various industries are the same but the delivery of the message with the expansion of social media has evolved.  Keeping up with changes and trying new techniques on client’s businesses has really helped me develop programs and services for better client lead generation.

Last month I announced a Social Media Mastermind Group for small and medium sized business owners and managers.  As my team and I work on client’s accounts, we were finding the same thing over and over.  Owners and managers who are trying to understand how to best use and implement digital marketing and social media into their marketing mix, that have questions or need guidance.  This group is both a resource and a place to get real advice.

So many times I too have had questions and will post on a G+ Community or Linked In Group.  Answers are posted but seem too generic and not specific enough.  I’m left wondering which way to go.

The mastermind group will be a weekly office hour meeting using a Google Hangout, a monthly educational webinar, and a resource section just for members.

Weekly “Office Hour” Meeting.  Monday mornings join us to ask specific questions, get feedback and ideas on marketing.  We can help you develop a campaign, point you in the right direction for getting tasks done, make suggestions, and give you a pat on the back for a successful campaign.  You only join the meeting if you want by signing up for the hangout.  The limit for attendees is 9 so you need to RSVP to reserve a spot.

Monthly Workshop.  We will host a Google Hangout on Air each month with a guest speaker and discuss one or more marketing topics.  These meetings will be recorded so you can watch them later if you missed the live presentation.  The videos will be part of the Resource section for the Social Media Mastermind Group members only.  This will be like attending a Meetup but online.

Resource Section and Idea Center. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to go to a resource area for marketing campaign ideas?  As a business owner/manager you have special skills that allow you to successful run a business.  Sometimes marketing alludes you and ideas are a struggle.  The idea center is a place that we will put successful past campaigns, new ideas, and reviews of new tools.

The target date for the Mastermind Group to launch is March 31st, 2014.

Topics range from:

  • Social Media, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Optimization
  • Personal Branding Using Social Media
  • Digital Marketing, Internet Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Online Advertising – PPC and Facebook Advertising
  • Marketing Campaigns – how to tie it all together

Member Benefits are:

  • Get listed in the directory (good for a back link)
  • Ask specific questions during the office hour hangout and get useful advice
  • Personalized coaching each month for a digital plan that includes social media.
  • Resource section will include checklists, workshops, and valuable, useable information
  • Private G+ community for members only to post questions or suggestions – think of it like a forum
  • Learn a new tool, skill, and/or social media platform

The first month will be a Free Look, so ask away.

Click here to sign up for the one month “Free Look”.

January 2014 I spoke at the Raleigh Social Media Marketing Meetup on developing a Social Media Plan.  This plan was developed because of working with clients.  As I start working with each client, we tend to cover the same material over and over.  Most times, the client really struggles to answer these questions.  My goal with this group is to offer clarity, ideas and some wisdom to help business owners and managers move forward.

I’m not interested in teaching people how to be a social media consultant, rather I want to help businesses generate leads from using this information, understand the power of it, and guide them to success.

When I presented my idea to Christina Motley, she immediately understood what I am trying to accomplish and saw the vision of how this will help businesses.

Meet my partner, Christina Motley: As CEO and President of Christina Motley, LLC - a Triangle North Carolina strategic integrated marketing and communications company - Christina partners with her clients to deliver on-demand CMO marketing solutions that allow them to strike a balance between resources and customer needs, expand their capabilities and marketing expertise, as well as provide marketing and business intelligence to expand their knowledge, propel their company and go where their competition does not exist.

Her management and marketing expertise in both corporate and agency environments-combined with her education-allow her to deliver a unique perspective and unusual breadth and depth of knowledge to help clients build brand loyalty, foster customer engagement and drive new business.

As the mastermind group moves forward, we will be adding to the resource center an order system, like  It will be a place for members to be able to “order tasks” to be done for them.  Wouldn’t it be nice to plan out your campaign then outsource to an already vetted consultant the tasks you can’t do (or don’t want to do) yourself?  Each consultant will have a profile for you to choose just the right person for the job.

Click here to sign up for the one month “Free Look”.

Can’t wait to talk with you on the “Ask the Expert” Meeting!