I attended the Raleigh Chamber of Commerce Networking event this morning. Valerie Fields of V.K. Fields and Company spoke on the Power of Personal PR. Thank you Valerie for sharing these ideas.

What is your Virtual Footprint?

When you walk in to a room, what is the number one thing that comes to mind for other people based on their perspective? I need to decide what kind of impression I want to leave behind for top of mind awareness.

We are burned out on Power Point Presentations

The number one component to your personal brand is how well you can tell your story. People remember stories. Keep in mind, you are more interesting and compelling than a slide show. Slides are good to back up statistics but people won’t remember you for your statistical abilities. Stories, on the other hand, are much easier to remember.

Two ways to impact your virtual footprint

Visual Virtual Impact draws your audiences attention the way you want by using what you have. For ex, Valerie uses her height. People will remember her based she is almost 6’ tall with heels on. Your overall visual package is strategic to get people to remember you.

Emotional Virtual Impact comes from connecting people. You might not remember the speakers company name. However, if the speaker draws you to someone else, introduces you and explains how you both might be able to work together, then that speaker has left an emotional virtual impact on you.

What is PR?

PR is the art and science of communicating a specific message to achieve a goal with measurable results.

PR is about telling people what to think about. What story you choose to share is what you want to persuade your audience to think about.

In order to get your brand across to any audience, whether online or off, you need to commit to a level of excellence. Define your own destiny with a clear destination in mind and do the work to get there.

Manage Social Media

“You are always on stage,” says Valerie. Everyone has a cell phone with a camera and a microphone. Don’t do anything that could end up on YouTube. Valerie explained, “everything is up for grabs.” Once you are committed to developing a personal brand, you have no private life.

Learn the language of social media. Make a point to learn how to twitter, post on facebook, etc.

14 ways to create a personal brand

  • Exploit the obvious. Play to your strengths, maximize the moment, and leave an impression.
  • Give more than you get. Always ask yourself, “what can I do for you?”
  • Tell your own story. When something happens in your company or personal life that is important, tell the media. Toot your own horn.
  • Volunteer something. Offer to mentor, have lunch with another business person, and most of all, be a professional resource for others.
  • Do something amazing. Have you ever been on a mission trip?
  • Do something silly. This is a good way to make someone laugh. You will have an emotional virtual impact on others.
  • Create top of mind awareness.
  • Learn an Odd Skill
  • Mentor Another Person
  • Give more than you get. Exchange ideas with others.
  • Learn a new language, such as learning how to tweet.
  • Get everything done on time.
  • Build a strong relationship with others.
  • Make everything a story.

Again, thank you Valerie for sharing your ideas on how business owners can brand themselves to create Top-of-Mind awareness. We know we are one connection away from a deal.

I also want to say it was nice to meet Drake Reed of Fairway Outdoor Advertising, who mentioned “advertising on billboards isn’t as expensive as you might think,” and Nicole Guerra of Visionary Executives (for all corporate gift-giving needs).