Rick Thompson of Brand Periscope talks about using social media for your business.

Social media should be used like any other form of advertising, to build brand authority, generating awareness, and then converting customers.

Why use social media?

Because it’s where everyone is now.  Over 90% of people are using social media.

Think strategically on how to use the leading social media channels such as Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter.

Facebook is very good for building up brand loyalty.  People follow you and you can communicate with them on a consistent basis to build up your brand message.  Get more comments, shares, testimonials, and repeat business.

Twitter has the ability to gather followers with a broader reach to build awareness and loyalty.

Linked In features groups that you can drill down and target.  If you want to reach out with your message to a bunch of new users, that’s a good tool to use.

What makes social media different is it’s unprecedented ability to engage your followers and customers.  Instead of giving a one-directional message to your audience, it’s bi-directional.  The most important thing you can do is to get people energized.  Ask them questions, seed conversations, get them to participate, and respond.  When you do this, you un-tap an unbelievable energy among your followers.  Learn from them to help you advance what you are doing.  Whether it’s a product or customer service, light the fire of their engagement.

Learn to use social media properly.

Don’t just talk “at” people.  You will end up losing followers and people will eventually stop listening and go away.

Use the social media channels strategically to build loyalty and increase awareness.  They are powerful tools that should be used properly.

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