One of the buzz words that run around online is “thought leadership”, being seen as an expert in your industry. Some industries are much easier than others to develop a thought leadership strategy, however, here are a few ideas everyone can us.

  1. Don’t hide behind a logo. Develop your own personal voice on social media. Even if you represent a corporation, you can still be you online. So what’s your voice? I think it’s what you talk about 80% of the time and a tone that closely matches your personality. Not everyone is a writer, but do try to add your own flavor when commenting on a link you are sharing.
  2. Give them what they want. Keep in mind who you are talking to. Ultimately, who do you want to pay attention to you and for what purpose? Think about the types of people or industry that might take notice to your postings. What do they personally want to know, learn, experience, listen to, etc.?
  3. Sometimes you need to write. It is blogging or video interviews that will get you the biggest bang for your buck. Creating original content doesn’t have to be hard and complicated either. Not a writer? Not a problem. Chose a topic, find an expert, set up a video Hangout to record or simply talk to them by phone and record the call. Transcribe the conversation and voila, original interesting content.

If you need ideas for blogging or video content, let’s talk. Creative ideas are my specialty.

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