Put Some Weight On Today Because…

Putting on Weight are words that people usually cringe at but, in the marketing world, weight has a meaning and putting it on is a good thing.

Enhancing your profiles across the Internet gives you personal branding.  It tells someone who searches for you that you are an authority figure in your field.  Your profile page has meaning.   It gives the page what we call weight in the marketing business.

For example, why do people go out of their way to get a lot of likes on Facebook? A high number of fans gives their fan page more weight.  People see a lot of fans, they say: “Maybe I should pay attention.”

Get Rid of Love Handles by Trimming Some Fat.

In order to add weight to your social media mix, you first need to re-allocate some money towards your social media budget.  Trim fat from your budget.  Human nature says change is hard but by replacing a traditional marketing venue with a social media one you are moving your company ahead of your competition.
You are in the driver’s seat now. That is always the time to get involved in the Social Media Band Wagon.

After you trim the fat, add healthy weight in the right places.

Adding weight isn’t about buying fans or followers.  It is about being committed to building quality relationships using social media marketing.

3 Steps to adding more weight:

  • Simply talk and listen.
  • Content is King.  Create engaging content that is sharable.
  • Enhance your profiles across all platforms.