There are 4 phases of your social media.
Phase 1. Getting the profiles set up
Phase 2. Getting quality content started consistently.
Phase 3. Increasing your following
Phase 4. Engaging your community
This blog focuses on Phase 3 and how to increase your following. Many of you might have several different channels but don’t know, or even don’t realize, the power of cross promoting. Here are few ides…

Change your headline

Your content might be good for several of your buyer personas but each audience will react differently to the content. When crafting a headline, keep each buyer personas in mind and write different headlines. Yes, you will have one main headline for the blog which, of course, will have your keyword(s). These captivating headlines are for posting on social media to attract someone to click through to read the article.

This gives you the opportunity to post the same content on different channels without it looking like it’s the same in case you have someone following you on multiple channels.
You don’t have to spend an afternoon doing this, though; using tools like HootSuite, you can publish across multiple platforms in as little as one click.

Talk about your other social media channels

You don’t have to act like you don’t have other social media channels when posting. If you posted a terrific infographic on Pinterest, then use the link to that content on Facebook and Twitter.

If you are holding a Twitter Open Mic event or having a Twitter Challenge, promote it via email, on Facebook, Linked In, and G+.

You have different audiences on different channels so let everyone know all the cool things you are doing across all of your channels.


Most business people only remember that they have a profile on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, G+ and possibly Pinterest. Keep in mind that many businesses have profiles on directory-type sites such as Yelp, Bing Local, Foursquare. Generally these sites allow you to post a status update.

Have you checked out your profiles lately?

You might not have a following but it still is a good place to be posting about what your campaign, event, or promotion.


If your company has a mobile app that is free to customers, post about what you are doing on a different channel. Let customers know about a Facebook only special or a Twitter Open Mic time.

If your mobile app is a paid version, consider a promo code for a free version

  • if they tweet a custom hashtag;
  • if they “like” your Facebook page;
  • if they share your inforgraphic; etc.

So many ideas to include your mobile app into your marketing mix. If you can think of more ways, leave a comment.

Ask for a Review

While it’s not a good idea to ask for a review to enter a contest, to get a coupon, or to do anything unethical, you can still ask for a review on Google, Yelp and any other review site, on all your social media channels.

Remind people they are there and you will see a big difference in the quality and quantity of your reviews.

Within a Video

When you create a captivating video, extend the viewer’s experience by taking it online to one or more of your social media channels.

Mention or use an image that provides your social media channel, such as Twitter. Tell viewers how to find you on a particular channel. Then give them a call to action. Tell them to leave a comment, give their opinion, “like” something, or retweet your hashtag.

Add links to your signature.

When you receive an email, you may notice a signature with the sender’s name, email, phone number and website. That sender had made it easy for you to find them online, and an email signature could do the same for you.

Email signatures were created to add formality to emails and to remind recipients how to reach the sender. Since then, they’ve evolved into handy cross-promotional tools. For example, if your signature includes a link to your blog, you’ve promoted yourself to a new potential follower.

If you can think of any other ideas, leave a comment below.