Like most marketers, you fantasize about more clicks, conversions, and cash register rings.

You should be using social media (and tools and technologies) to create meaningful brand experiences that will lead to sales down the road. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that every click needs to immediately convert to a sale.

Engage Your Fans

Social Media Success (SMROI) should be based on your ability to get fans to engage with your brand (even if it’s just a few clicks worth of attention), whether that’s to enter a sweepstakes, sign up for a conference, respond to an offer, or pass on a piece of content.

In order to excite and motivate a fan base, you need to push out a steady diet of new and interesting stuff.

Lot’s of bad boring posts, updates, and links aren’t going to get the job done. (pssst…Its not all about frequency)

Keep your followers smiling. Keep the interesting offers coming. Keep your post quality high.

Elevated fan count means very little if it just sits still… but motivated fans who engage with your brand will pay off big time down the road.