Social Media Examiner interviewed Scott Monty of Ford on how Ford uses social media. I found this tidbit too good to not share.

Ford re-designed their blog and set up Ford Social. Fans can select “badges”.

What I like about the concept is the ability to give your fans reasons to engage with you and allow them to identify themselves and their interests. These self-selecting badges are similar to Foursquare badges but fans do not have to “earn” the badge.

Social Media Marketing of Targeted AudienceSocial Media Marketing of Targeted AudienceSocial Media Marketing of Targeted Audience
Ford’s badge idea gets the fans to raise their hand and say I love Mustangs, or I love trucks. Then Ford is able to target their marketing specifically to this group of fans based on their preferences.

How can you implement something like this in your business?

As you move forward with your targeted marketing, hopefully when you ask your fans to vote on something, upload a photo, or share a piece of content, these fans will be more apt to do it and more likely to engage with you. The level of engagement dramatically increases because of the targeted audience.

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