Lead Generation using social mediaAs a small business owner you are busy working in your business and have less time to work on your business.  Since your time is limited, here are a few areas to focus on that might give you the biggest bang for your buck.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Once your site is live I would recommend doing some keyword research to identify words and phrases that have better search volume than others.  You may want to use one keyword over another but if the public is not searching on that keyword, what’s the point?  You can use Google’s free keyword finder tool in the Adwords section.

After you come up with a list of 100 phrases, then systematically go through your website and plug them in to website pages.   Sometimes, new sites take a little while for Google to find them.  Try mentioning your site on social media to give Google a “heads up” that there is a new site to crawl.

Facebook Advertising

You do have to pay for clicks but it’s the best way (at the moment) to get fans on your page and to help you sell products or services.  Facebook ads can be quite creative and fun too!  I enjoy putting together ad campaigns.  I set up multiple ads at once and then let them get approved, since it’s a manual approval process.  After approval, I go in and pause most of them.  During the week, I stop and start to watch the results.  Higher performing ads are allowed to run longer, while low performing ones are completely stopped.

Google PPC

This will be considerably more expensive and definitely something for a small business to wait on until sales can support a click budget of at least $300, if not more, per month.  You can adjust ads as well, although not quite as easy as Facebook ads.

Landing pages with email marketing help convert leads generated by this type of advertising.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media will help you sell and I believe Pinterest is a great tool for that.  Create content that is engaging to grow your audience.  Everyone says the same thing about social media, “Make engaging content”.  But what does that mean?  That is another topic left to another day.  Hint:  look at what your competition is doing.

I can’t stress how much I believe this will be a benefit to you in the long run.  The first step is to determine which platform to use – iContact, Mailchimp, or something else.  There are so many to choose from.

After you decide on the software, then use the embed code to add a signup form on your website.  I’d suggest, especially in the beginning, that for signing up, they will be entered into a drawing to win a free X.  Give to get.

Consider using social media to get signups using that same technique.  Since you shouldn’t post about signing up for your email newsletter one right after the other, you may want to mix it in with the rest of the postings.

This is the time of year to really ramp up and push your products and services because the holidays are coming up.

If you need advice or help setting up any of these, just ask us.  We do it all the time.