Social Media Tips for Google and Facebook

Google + and Facebook Fan Pages for Business

Remember when you were told you needed a fan page on Facebook so you set one up and waited for fans to find you.

For most businesses, the struggle has been what to post. Knowing what to say that will inspire and engage your audience is basically a trial and error game we play. One technique of finding posting ideas is to see what your competition is doing.

The question then becomes, how do you really use your fan page to build your business?

Google + is now allowing businesses to have a page. Did you take time out of your day and set up a page? I did just to check it out and see what its about – Social Media on G+.

It could be vacant online real estate waiting to be cherry-picked. “Could be” are the optimum words. Unfortunately, the Gold Rush is not on just yet. Once Google + allows custom URLs there will be a huge rush over to yet another platform that you have to figure out.

Now that Facebook has blazed the trail for businesses to become more social and authentic, marketers see a potential on Google + to lay claim to business pages. Just, not yet.

The ugly URL problem on Google + will prevent many businesses from spending time and energy promoting this platform.

You probably are like most of us, wondering why in the world your content needs to be on yet another platform. It comes back to purpose.

Social Media for Business

Social Media for Business

Here are eight questions that you need to answer before attempting to create profiles on social media platforms:

1. What is your purpose for using these platforms, i.e. Facebook Fan Pages or Google + Pages?

2. Who is your target audience? Are they on that particular platform?

3. What information do you have that is valuable and wanted by your target audience?

4. Do you have time to impart your wisdom to that audience?

5. You have a limited number of personal acquaintances, friends, and family members you can ask to friend, like, follow, or circle you. How will you grow your audience?

6. The most important question is really how will you leverage all your social media content into more leads?

7. Since you are your business and only view it from your personal point of view, how will you judge if the content you are promoting is considered spam by your audience or valuable, relevant content?

8. What are some ways you can get more credibility as an authority figure in your industry?

Social Media is about engaging with fans but as a business owner, wouldn’t it make more sense to try and get more leads from your efforts?

The next article will be about having a purpose and understanding what each platform can do for your business. Stay tuned for more.

If you are ready to get started with social media or have started but need some guidance, contact us