Marketing Automation Consulting

We are the traffic cop working at the intersection of sales, marketing and technology.

Apart from the very true adage of “It’s all in your list”, marketing automation includes technology that allows marketing and sales teams to create,
deploy, and automate online marketing and email campaigns, and sales activities that increase revenue and maximize efficiency.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation usually refers to software platforms and technologies designed to more effectively market on multiple channels, such as email, social media, websites, etc., and automate repetitive tasks. It offers solutions that can increase the overall efficiency of your marketing efforts.

While most web analytics data can provide insight into the behavior and sources of your visitor data, only marketing automation services can help business owners drill down into the exact queries leading to site conversions.

If you’re producing effective inbound marketing content, you are probably generating a steady flow of new, organic leads. Take those leads from the top of your marketing funnel through to sales-ready with a marketing automation strategy that will nurture those leads and turn them into paying customers.

What is a Marketing Automation Consultant?


Work with marketing automation tools to create efficiencies


Create/Modify lead scoring rules to grade between hot, warm and cold leads.


Send trigger-based marketing campaigns


Manage the health of your database


Send sequence emails based on an action


Map out marketing campaign using flowcharts to help you visualize the process

Marketing Benefits

Marketing automation makes it easier to deliver the right message to the “right” prospects at the ideal time. These tools provide a business owner with added clarity and accountability. All the data generated can be quickly analyzed through comprehensive reports in order to make educated decisions about your company’s marketing.

Power of Personalization

Hyper-target communications to both prospects and customers to increase relevancy and maximize efficiency. Marketing Automation allows for personalization even within the automation structure. This means that you can place the geographic location and localized tidbits in emails to each individual on a long email list, thus allowing prospects to feel you are sending hand-crafted messages just to them.

Sales Benefits

Marketing automation is used to identify and deliver higher-quality leads to your sales team. With automated lead scoring, leads passed to sales are pre-qualified or have been nurtured to a sales-ready state.


Spy on Prospects

Special code is installed on your website allowing you to spy on the web traffic. These tools can provide greater sales intelligence with real-time notifications and prospect tracking. You can tell when someone visited your site and what they actually did.

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