Email Marketing

Email marketing offers the highest return on your investment.

Email is one of the most cost effective ways to communicate to your customers.

A consistent email system can keep existing customer engaged and move prospects to action.

Benefits of working with us:


Ensure your email marketing strategy is working in conjunction with your overall marketing strategy.


Establish effective emailing marketing plan


Deliver regular, high quality, relevant email messages.


Opted in audience loyalty building of prospects and customers.

Earned Digital Marketing Channel

There are two ways to get emails into your database. Either you buy an email list or someone has opted in from a marketing campaign. This means they are familiar with your company and have shown enough interest to give you permission to send direct emails.

An alluring subject line is the bait that leads to higher open rates.

Split-tests of two or three subject lines within 10% of the overall email subscribers allows us to measure which one receives the most opens and use that subject line in the email we send to the rest of the subscribers (the other 90%).

Drive Sales

A success email marketing campaign needs a team that drives sales and cuts through email noise. Each email contains a subject live, design plus content, and tracking.

The design and content reels them in to becoming a lead and receiving a click through.

If the content in your email is too long, you risk them moving on to another email. If your promotion doesn’t have a high enough value in their eyes, you risk them hitting the unsubscribe button. Your email has to be perfectly aligned to your target audience or you won’t see the results you want.

Grow Your List

We don’t just focus on sending emails. The overall success of your email marketing means putting an emphasis on your email list building. Top-of-funnel strategies are employed on your site with the objective of growing your subscriber list of the “best prospects”, ensuring email marketing success and the highest possible ROI.

Measuring and Tracking

We have the ability to read and understand the data to make better informed decisions in future campaigns and learn more about who your subscribers are.

Email Marketing Service Includes:


Development of Email Marketing Strategy


Email System Setup

Content Creation


Monitoring and Reporting

Make your marketing outperform yesterday with digital marketing strategies that focus on results.