Blogging for Business as part of content strategy keeps website producing more leadsPart of your overall Content Strategy should be to continuously feed your website with fresh, relevant, current content that is of interest to your target audience.

Blog Writing

We provide 450-550 word Customized Original Search Engine Optimized Blogs written by subject matter experts (SME), not scraped or spun, and posted with optimized image.

Our system consistently produces quality content for your blog each month. These blogs are optimized to attract highly targeted web traffic to your site.

As a business owner, this can be quite time-consuming or you just might not know how to go about writing a great article.

Images are worth a thousand words.

By hand selecting quality images that coordinate with the blog article, your blog will stand out from the crowd.  The goal is for you to have readership, subscribers, and ultimately get leads.

Calls to Action.

Most business owners don’t think about including calls to action in the blog article.  They miss out on wonderful lead opportunities.  Don’t miss out on potential business.

Target Audience and Your Purpose.

Why are you blogging?  Who are you talking to?

Knowing your who your audience is will help produce quality content that they will want to read.  The target audience’s interest in your business can help determine your angle for the article.

Matching your content with your audience and including a strong call to action on a consistent basis will dramatically increase your website results and thus increase your leads.

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