First, let’s determine what doesn’t work in Internet Marketing.

Most companies approach marketing online by first building a big pretty website. Then, spend a lot of money on search engine optimization tactics. They implement confusing pay-per-click strategies and spend too much money on Google Adwords, before becoming confused, disappointed and upset that the whole thing just didn’t work out.

There are many Internet Marketing techniques and tools that do work when properly implemented into the overall marketing plan.

1. Effective pay per click management

When someone clicks on your ad, don’t send them to a big, pretty website with lots of navigation and buttons to take them off in different directions. Instead, send those leads to a site that specifically addresses the potential prospects needs. Track where those leads and clicks go after they click through from your ad and get them into your lead funnel.

2. Effective email follow up campaign

This is one area most overlooked by small businesses. An effective email follow up campaign isn’t just about sending the leads a monthly newsletter. It’s about sending targeted messages at specific intervals. There are some businesses that need people to see their brand 7 times before buying.

3. Video

Google loves video. Getting to the first page of Google can be as simple as creating an strategic video. Video is very much loved by the search engines so take advantage of it in your marketing mix. The good news here, videos can be very simple. Don’t over-think creating videos.


Internet marketing mix

Internet Marketing Mix

4. Blogging and article marketing


Besides the benefit of search engine optimization, blogging allows you to become a thought leader in your industry. By consistently creating content, people will turn to your website to solve their problems. It also keeps your content fresh. When you website gets stale then Google stops dropping by to say hi. Feed your site often.

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