There are countless ways for people to earn money online. Best of all, many of them require only modest upfront investments. Among the most lucrative of these opportunities is affiliate marketing this is when you are paid to sell a company’s products via your platform and at generous commissions.

Most people are doing this using two primary methods. They are posting how-to articles via their websites or blogs or product reviews via these same platforms. Although both approaches can provide a measured amount of success, many other strategies can be equally and even far more useful. You should be using all of them.

One such strategy is to start creating video advertisements for these products. You can have tons of fun with these productions, and you can create them yourself at home. The only things that you will need to invest in marketing projects like these are your time and your creativity. These mediums will set you apart from your many competitors while catering to an increasingly visually-oriented crowd.

Having an inherent interest in the niche your serving is important, don’t just choose products to represent because you think that they’ll generate higher than average commissions. Choose products that you believe in and that you use in your life. Show people how these products are making life easier or better for you. Your firsthand experiences will prove to be far more convincing as a sales tactic than will almost any other promotional technique.

Let people know that you are an affiliate as clearly and as early on as you can, this will help you avoid losing trust further down the sales funnel. Finally, always be sure to give people something of value, that’s not tied to what you sell. For instance, if you represent a heavy-grade kitchen mixer and want to show people how they can use this same item to cook their healthy meals at home, offer other forms of health advice via social networking sites or your blog.