I’m going to have a series of blog articles since I got so much great content to share with you. First, let’s see who was there with me.

Lindsay Wassell of Keyphraseology gave a nice presentation about creating alternative content such as video and images to help spread the content around the internet so that Google is more likely to find your website through other channels. I did a short video from her presentation which I’ll post in another blog.

Martin Brossman is a Business Coach here in the Raleigh area. He teaches small businesses social media strategies. I’ve known Martin for many years now. Good to see you and catch up.

Bob Walton of SEO for High Ranking, Mike Marshall of Internet Marketing Analysts, and Beth Adkins of Making Marketing Talk sat with me at the Advanced SEO class. Mike was a speaker and I have a short video that I will post on another blog and write more about his speech. Good to see Bob again and nice to meet Mike and Beth.

GaryVaynerchuk - Thank You EconomyThe best speech of the day was by Gary Vaynerchuk of VaynerMedia. Gary wrote the book The Thank You Economy. He spoke about the future of the internet and how social media will play a huge roll. I videoed a lot of his presentation so I’ll post on the blog separately.

The Advanced SEO and Measuring Social media classes were very informative. Can’t wait to share some good content.

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