For those involved in marketing, integrated marketing communications is a big topic. In essence, it means that as a business, all your marketing revolves around a core message, delivered across multiple channels. For example, instead of saying one thing in a print advertisement, and something completely different on your company’s Facebook page, this marketing approach focuses on delivering the same message to everyone, however they might come across your marketing material.

By ensuring that all your marketing is delivering the same message, you will be making your brand much more recognizable. Naturally, this is hugely important for marketing- not only do you want to get your particular message across on that occasion, but you also want people to remember your brand. That way, when they have need of the service you provide, yours will be the first name to cross their mind. This marketing strategy means that you get better value for your money because you are also getting a competitive advantage over your rivals.

Not only do integrated marketing communications help to build your brand, but they can also dramatically cut the costs of marketing as a whole. Instead of having to pay someone to come up with an entirely new set of content for each marketing channel you use, you are free to use the same text and images across multiple channels. This efficiency can also help focus the business itself on a particular area.

Finally, this form of marketing strategy allows you to reach out to a much wider audience, thereby expanding your customer base. The people typically targeted by print advertising aren’t the same people that would see social media marketing, but by broadening your outlook, you could see a sharp hike in sales. One of the great things about integrated marketing communications is that there’s no need to create a whole new marketing strategy for each demographic- instead, it can be tweaked slightly to achieve the best results.

As you can see, then, integrated marketing communications can have enormous benefits for your business. Not only does it help to turn your company into a recognizable brand, but it also achieves excellent results for less money than other marketing methods. For those who want to take their marketing to the next level, integrated marketing communications are certainly the best way forward.

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