As a new business owner, there are a lot of key terms that you will hear about the successful marketing of your organization. Many of these terms detail the different things that you will need to encounter while defining ways in which to focus in on your target. If any of this sounds familiar, then you’re probably wondering what buyer personas are and why they currently matter.

Reaching out to a very broad market might seem like a great way to connect with the highest number of prospects. In reality, however, there are only so many people in the market for the services or products you have to sell at any one time. Targeting allows you to bypass all of the individuals who are unlikely to work with you during this period while putting you in touch with prospects who are ready for your product.

By targeting, you can optimize your conversion rate by wasting less of your hard won cash reaching people who have no intention of becoming paying customers. Focusing your marketing will trim your costs and help you gain consistency in your profits much faster. Moreover, it helps you identify real pain points that your shoppers need address as well as other valuable information that could enhance future product or service development efforts.

Businesses imagine buyers as having different types of personas. These are defined sets of characteristics that make them more prone to expressing an interest in or a need for what you have to offer. By imagining and better defining these personas, you can ultimately anticipate how people will act, think and respond. As a result, you can more strategically structure your marketing campaigns.

People are also likely to share similar pain points. These are specific problems that they have that your services or products are capable of solving. A persona describes the very type of person that you reach out to engage, while a pain point will help you determine exactly how you should promote to this individual.

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