Sometimes a website’s problem with converting web traffic into leads is more of a sales issue than a marketing issue.  Since you are getting the traffic to the site and conversions are disproportionately low, then I’d think you’d need to go back to who is your target audience, where are they in the sales funnel when they hit your site, and what motivates them to buy.

Here are a few website suggestions for better lead conversions.

Fundamentally your website might be flawed even though it looks great.  Is it set up in 2 or 3 columns with a rotating gallery taking up a large section of real estate on the site.  We have been so conditioned with ads appearing on the right side of a screen that eye tracking shows right sided columns are more likely overlooked.

Develop your company’s sales funnel.

Top of Funnel –newsletter signups, looking for education, why do I need it, etc.

Middle of Funnel – will take the online test, will watch videos which builds trust, customer reviews are important, wants to know what customers are saying about products, good place for product reviews although not as believable.

Bottom of Funnel – will read your policies, ready to buy, looking for guarantee and possibly free shipping.

Do you have a section allowing web visitors to sign up for your weekly or monthly newsletter?   If you aren’t getting enough sign ups, tell them what they get by signing up.  “What’s in it for them” is the Top of Funnel. Entice them.

Build trust with videos.  I like that you have it and would suggest doing more or changing it up.  Think about the FAQs, objections, and fears that people have of your products.  What will customers say on video to help you overcome and explain products better?

The Rotating Gallery is pretty much is pointless.  It looks great but does it offer a strong call to action.  Each slide should give someone a reason to do something.  Where in the sales funnel does each slide fall?

Re-work the “above the fold” section of website to get people to:

  • Top of Funnel – Sign up for newsletter
  • Middle of Funnel – Take the online quiz
  • Bottom of Funnel – Take a risk free trial

The latest Hummingbird update from Google is about “solving people’s problems”.  Make sure you optimize your site for long tail keywords related to your audience’s problems.  This should help with conversions better because if someone types their problem into Google, they generally are looking for a solution.  If you provide the solution with your information and explain how the products or service helps, they may more quickly move to the Bottom of the Funnel.

Repurpose old content. Since your site is full of content, why not repackage some of it into different formats.  Take articles and combine them for a longer blog, use images with words on top, create videos or slideshows.  Push that new content out onto Web 2.0 sites for back linking.

Is your Google Authorship set up correctly?  All of your content, where ever it is placed online, will be attached to you.  You will get recognition in the eyes of Google as the authority on your subject.  Google will show your content when someone searches online if it is most relevant to the audience, hence you will get a higher quality lead who is more likely to make a purchase.

If your analytics data says your bounce rate is high, you are making people work too hard to find what they are looking for.  Think problem and serve up the solution.