There are some critical points that company owners must learn to engage in truly effective and efficient marketing practices. For instance, as a business owner, you must know how to find your target audience. Doing so will allow you to move away from generating massive and expensive campaigns that are general in nature to targeting the specific demographic for your product.

Not only is this a very affordable way to get the word out, but it also lets you better tailor your marketing content to your audience. This style of marketing ensures that people find your outreach efforts to be engaging. Moreover, it can quickly optimize your website conversion rate.

Pay attention to the people who are following and responding to you via social media sites. These will usually be the consumers who are actively looking for the information you have to supply. Also, be sure to encourage your readers to communicate with you on any channel they are comfortable with. You will find people reach out to ask you questions on a blog post, a social media post, and even in the messenger apps.  Make note of who these people are; demographic, geographic, and any other valuable piece of information.

Efforts like these will help you start defining the different buyer personas that you will need to target. These are people with unique personality traits and lifestyles. Your existing customer base can be very informative when it comes to identifying the types of people who are most likely to work with you. Best of all, as you gain a better understanding of these personas, you no longer waste money on marketing tactics that are ineffectual or even counterproductive.

A secret weapon: One easy way to achieve this is through installing Facebook pixel code into the header of your website to track visitors.  This will allow you to create “Lookalike” audiences based on the features of those who have already visited your website.  Facebook takes a look at all the profiles in your custom audience and generates an audience list of people who aren’t connected to you but share similar qualities.

Never underestimate the benefits of attraction marketing, particularly if you’re just getting started. It does no good to study the habits and comments of your existing clients if your current customer base is exceedingly small or even non-existent. Implementing strategic campaigns that draw targeted and qualified prospects to you will give you more people and buying habits to study and a greater ability to nurture and grow your organization.

Start with phrases (also called keywords) that have some meaning for the customers you want to attract to you.  For example, a knee doctor trying to attract new patients might use this phrase in a video “What’s the difference between a partial and total knee replacement?”.

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