Consumers are becoming increasingly visually-oriented. This is evidenced by the way in which they shop for products online. If certain online offerings don’t come with included images, these items will be overlooked in favor of even higher-priced, lower-quality options that are advertised and promoted with captivating visuals. This is but one of a few reasons why your online marketing efforts should involve some manner of video marketing.

The use of videos for advertising purposes has surprisingly helped a number of companies go viral within a matter of hours. A well planned film, no matter how short or inexpensive it may be, can get shared via social media sites and other social platforms, countless times. Unlike long articles, this type of content is frequently recommended and passed across large groups of online friends. In this way, this is one marketing tool that can encourage consumers to implement entirely organic, link building campaigns for you.

In addition to generating massive amounts of online attention in almost no time at all, these resources are also great for effectively educating prospects while moving them through the normal buying process. You can answer questions that consumers want answered before they start spending money. This is your time to offer troubleshooting tips, maintenance advice and details about product specifications that allow for informed purchasing decisions. This help will ensure that new converts are eager to shop with you.

Content can come in a large number of forms and formats. You don’t have to craft long-winded articles each time you have something new to share with your clients. Given that many consumers are connecting to the web via small, hand-held devices like tablets and mobile phones, video content is highly preferred among many demographics. This is especially true for consumers who like to conduct their pre-purchase research while on the go.

Even when accounting for the associated production fees, most videos are guaranteed to provide exponential returns on the money that companies invest, particularly if they are comprised of evergreen content. While you make just one, upfront payment to have an advertising video produced, countless viewers can take it in over the years. The same footage that you post today, could still be making conversions for your business well into the future.

Good visual resources fill consumers with a sense of trust. These advertising vehicles create a sense of transparency so that consumers have a better of who they’ll be working with and what they’ll be investing in. In a world in which consumers are highly conditioned to trust what they can see, if you aren’t using these tools to share information about yourself, your services and your products, then you are definitely missing out.