I enjoy connecting with other business people via a video interview to strengthen or build an online relationship. It doesn’t have to be complicated or take up a large amount of time.

It’s a Win-Win strategy for both myself and the other person. I get content for my YouTube channel that is original and can be turned into a blog article. They get exposure to a different audience and are positioned as an expert in their field.

Over the years, I’ve done quite a few video interviews with many different people in different industries for my company and for client accounts.
Google Hangouts are my video platform of choice because I don’t have to edit and the video is immediately live on my YouTube channel. Each time I get someone onto a Hangout, I go through my list of what to do and what not to do.

Here is my list. Please leave a comment and add to it.

What to Wear

  • Don’t wear flashy or noisy jewelry and bright hair ornaments.
  • Avoid print, plaid or checked clothing.
  • Don’t wear white or bright red colors.

The Chat Feature

  • If your audio is not working, chat is a helpful communication tool.
  • Chat gives you the ability to share content and links
  • During a live session, the public cannot see the messages.
  • Make sure before starting the hangout, you open the chat feature.

Mute microphone

  • During a live presentation, if you are NOT speaking, try to MUTE yourself. The “big screen” jumps to the person speaking – or making noise. If you cough, the big screen is on you, even if you are not the presenter.
  • Distracting noises. Ambient noise can be the air conditioning turning on at the wrong time. Do you have a bird in the house or a dog?
  • If you join a hangout that has several people already in it, you’ll come in muted. Unmute to talk!

For best results

  • Put the computer on a solid, flat surface. (Not your lap)
  • Do not walk around while someone else is speaking or the “big screen” jumps to you and we can see you moving around.
  • If you are prone to nerves and you twitch, do not touch the desk, keyboard, or any area around the computer. It will vibrate with you.
  • Check to see what is behind you. Move to an area that does not have distractions in the background.
  • Lighting. Make sure to have plenty of lighting from the front. Sit in front of a window or have a soft light placed in front of your computer. Do not sit with a window behind you. The light from behind causes a problem for the viewer.
  • Have a set of earbuds handy. Sometimes a laptop causes reverberation noises during the presentation because the built-in microphone and camera are too close. Inserting earbuds fixes that. If you don’t have earbuds, mute yourself when not speaking.
  • Wifi video quality is slightly less than when a computer is hard-wired into the internet. If at all possible, try to use an ethernet cable and hard-wire your computer to the internet.
  • If your computer “dings” when you receive a message or email, turn that feature off during the hangout. It affects the sound quality and is distracting.

Finally, if there is a flub or mistake and we need to do a “do-over”

  • You can only be on one hangout at a time. If we need to re-do the hangout, you need to close out of the one we are in and click the link to open another session.

Leave a comment and add to this list of what you’ve experienced when video interviewing someone.

I’m open to doing a video interview with others who want to create interesting content so message me.