Solve a Problem
You are in business to provide something of value to your customer to solve a problem they have. The problem can be physical, emotional, or non-tangible. Whatever problem your service or product solves, show your prospective customer in a video.

Build Trust
Putting a face to your business by showing someone how something is used, giving examples, and explaining a service or product, allows your prospective customers the opportunity to see you in action. People can relate to you from the video. When people can relate, they tend to trust easier.

This goes along with building trust. Don’t you look at testimonials or reviews before buying something? The trick is to be consistent. You have to always be asking customers to give their testimonial or review via video. Building your arsenal of positive experiences can go a long way in building trust and gaining new business.

This is one of my favorites. Find a complimentary business owner to get their opinion on a specific topic. You can just let them talk on camera or you can set up a tripod and actually interview them. You are getting someone else to corroborate what you already know. This gives you content, builds trust with your potential customers, and gives the person being interviewed a link back to their website which is good SEO.

Explain Something
Do you find you are always explaining the same thing over and over to customers? Make a list of all the things you are consistently explaining. You can use graphics, a power point presentation, an employee, or a combination to get your point across.

Overcome an Objection
Every business has objections they must overcome. FAQs, or frequently asked questions, are what most businesses think to create video around. However, if you create a series of SAQs, should ask questions, as a way of overcoming objections, then you are subtly conveying your message before actually selling the customer anything.