One third of American adults (35%) own a smartphone of some kind, and these users take advantage of a wide range of their phones’ capabilities. Fully nine in ten smartphone owners use text messaging or take pictures with their phones, while eight in ten use their phone to go online or send photos or videos to others.

Because SMS marketing requires consumer opt-in, marketing through text messaging not only hits those who are most interested, but studies show that 97% of all SMS marketing messages are opened, 83% within an hour. Amazingly there’s no argument that these statistics blow away those of Internet ads and other online advertising methods.

Here are a few types of businesses that can benefit from Mobile SMS Marketing.

SMS Marketing Service
1. Restaurants Say you are having a slow period and that want to bring in a few more customers, send out an instant communication through SMS text to do a specific promotion: “lunch today, bogo for our mobile VIP club members; buy one lunch get 2nd 50% off! Today Only, 3/3/12”

2. Retailers Send your mobile customer list and announcement that you are having a “flash” sale for a certain time with a super call to action for an especially slow period: “Stellas boutique, Lunchtime Madness, buy one top get skirt for free! 11am-2pm, first come first serve, show this text to let us know that you are in the know!”

3. Spa / Nail Salon / Etc can use mobile marketing to let current customers know of last minute cancellations, especially when they bring in technician or therapist on a contractor basis “floral vale spa cancel alert! Opening now for an hour facial with Lacey – call now and get 30% off for this appointment; first come first served” – it also gives the spa a chance to connect with the late callers and offer them a future offer like – sooo sorry you missed it – we had the phones ringing off the hook, but I will tell you what I can do – give me a firm booking for next week and I will give you a consolation 15% off….

4. Car Dealers Build up your service center business (and overall car business) with mobile marketing. Send out oil change reminders, service updates, and special promotions to customers via mobile text. If you can bring customers in the door through service, your chances are greater that you are able to get them next door to the showroom as well. Plus, as you spend time building up a mobile list, you can use that information to know when customer’s car lease is up or let customers know of a certain model upgrade happening soon.

5. Doctors / Dentist / Etc offices can use our API codes to integrate into their appointment calendars to send out reminder texts for patient appointments and help reduce the number of cancellations each day. As physicians struggle to make their practices more efficient, forgotten appointments that leave gaps in their days equals lost revenue.

If you are interested in finding creative ways to fit mobile marketing into your multi-channel marketing approach, check out our SMS Marketing Service by clicking here.