Inbound Marketing Content Strategy

The amount of content produced today is so much more than ever before in history. Combine that with our shorter attention spans and you can see the challenges marketers face in reaching their audience.

You are competing against everybody. Not just a couple competitors. So you have to be great with your message and content produced, not just good.

Social media has its place in your marketing mix but at the end of the day you need to get your content across to your audience. Using the Interest Graph Concept (think Pinterest), to “pay it forward” and give valuable content will ultimately lead people back to you. An example is Open Forum by American Express. When people use and relate to your content, they end up giving equity to your brand.

The Marketing World is Changing Rapidly

The brands that can act the most human, give the most value, and care about the end user are going to win.

We are changing the rules of marketing. No longer can you just send out a press release with your PR company and expect the same results.

Content created around the idea of “paying it forward” to the consumer has a better opportunity to generate leads than pushing your message in their faces all day.

Remember, put out content that people want.