Content marketing is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to attract customers to your business. No one knows your business quite as well as you do. You can show your expertise and share information with potential clients through a blog. What is most important with blogging is the consistency in which you deliver your message. An editorial calendar can help you keep your content in focus for the best amount of uptake among your audience and turn them into paying clients.

What is an editorial calendar?

You have probably heard a lot of fuss about it online but do not quite yet understand what an editorial calendar is. An editorial calendar is quite similar to the traditional calendar. It helps you execute strategic content marketing ideas and techniques using a calendar-like interface.

This planning document will help you map out the route towards achieving the highest level of traction with your readers through your blog content. You can use it to generate ideas for new posts, assign writing tasks to your team members, create a publishing schedule and visualize your marketing strategy so everyone on the team is on board.

Why you need one

Content marketing is just as much about quality content as it is about strategy and planning. This planning tool is crucial for effecting strategies that lead to conversions. It helps you to deliver what your customers are looking for in a digestible way.

The basis of the editorial calendar is all about making planning easier so you can focus your strengths at attaining realistic goals such as building traffic or growing your blog. Planning involves mapping out the different kinds of content you would like to share with your readers, the topics you have already shared, following up on comments and feedback on every blog post and this will eventually improve consistency and quality in your blog.

Writing down the plan in the editorial calendar for blog writing also gets the entire team on board. Everyone understands their roles better and what is expected of them when it is described elaborately in the calendar. With clear and distinct roles, there is also more accountability, which is a necessary discipline in daily content creation.

Better content, focused on what the customers need and delivered in a consistent manner will get more people reading your blog and becoming interested in your products and services. Simply put, it is the best way to turn your content into a business growth tool.

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