Freelance and staff writers have a variety of tools on their side to help them to provide well informed articles. This guide shows you some of the ways that an editorial calendar can be useful.

The purpose of a calendar produced by an editorial team is to set a plan for upcoming issues of the magazine or newspaper throughout the year. It also is used in online publishing as a planning tool. It is a projection of what topics and special features will be covered each week or month and allows the writers and editors on staff to plan ahead.

In addition, this tool can be extremely helpful for freelance writers who want to pitch stories. It gives them a chance to craft story ideas around key topics which will be covered in upcoming issues. That is why many freelancers request calendars from magazines and other publications they want to write for.

In order to release the calendar to writers and editors on staff and who work freelance, some planning is required. Typically, editorial meetings are used to hash out what will appear on the calendar each year. This also provides an opportunity to insert any special features on the calendar so that the schedule allows for the best coverage. As well, it allows writers to plan travel for features according to the editorial schedule. A lot of readers of magazines do not realize how much planning goes into scheduling content.

For further tips on this subject, there are a wealth of resources online to help those working in publishing. For example, there are many editor and writer websites aimed at providing helpful tips. You can also find much information available on blogs which are dedicated to helping freelance writers.

A bookstore or library is a good place to find similar sources. Look out for guides to help writers with inside information about the publishing industry. If you are interested in getting in depth information and training there are many courses dedicated to helping writers and journalists. In fact there is no shortage of help available, but take steps to ensure that any options you are considering are high quality and reputable. As well, you should carefully check that information is up to date, as this industry changes at a fast pace.