People Connect with People on Social Media

People Connect with People on Social Media

Recently on Google Plus someone shared a circle of social media people.  According to I got listed in that circle and made many new connections.

There were people from all over the world circling me.

Because Google has allowed business pages to act as profiles to circle people and follow pages, I had Google Pages circling me.

My circles are categorized into business following, gurus to follow, social media friends, and even European Business Connections, plus more.  Since I tend to use G+ for business, when I circle someone in the US or Canada they go into the Business Following circle.  Everyone has their own system for circling.  Be creative.

Before placing someone into my circle, I usually look to see if they have a profile image, something written about themselves and any recent G+ postings.  No profile image probably is a sign I won’t circle them back.

Humans want to connect with humans.

Google Business Pages tend to use a logo in the profile image, which makes sense for a business page.  When pages circle me, because it’s an impersonal logo, I tend to not follow them back.  I will circle a person with a profile image into one of my categories but I am not interested in following a business page.  I choose what pages I want to follow based on my interests, not because a page circled me.  It also feels “spammy” to me.

A business entity can have many faces of their business represented on Google Plus via the profiles.  If someone represents a business, I will circle the person to build that personal connection with them.  I am not building a personal connection to a business page.

Google Authorship.

Google started authorship with personal profiles, not logos.  If you do not have a clear personal profile image, you might have a problem establishing authorship on your blog articles.  Authorship is a hard concept for businesses to grasp.  I’ve been exposed to Google Authorship almost from the beginning since I blog for businesses.  As I talk to business owners, many still have no idea the power of Google Authorship.

When someone goes to Google to search for something, in the search results they might see a blog article or two with a personal image next to a link.  That is Google Authorship.  People are more likely to click on the blog with the person’s face than the other search results.

We want to communicate with people, not logos.

Get your Google Page and Authorship set up correctly.  Blogs with multiple authors can still use authorship. Use Google Authorship in your business blogging for better website results.   Be judicious using your Google Business Page to connect with people.  If you can be more of a human on the web, it can be better for your business in the long run.