One of my clients wrote to ask:

“I recently bought a ladder rack from Home Depot and installed it on my pickup truck. I drafted a few comments for the product review section of Home Depot’s review page on their website page. I want to offer some advice for people who want a good ladder rack that doesn’t cost a fortune. I wanted to point out that a person does need a bazillion wrenches – dozens of different sizes of bolt heads & nuts – and that installation is a 2 person job, only if the people are pretty strong for lifting a fairly heavy and certainly awkward object into the proper position, and have 4 hours to spare to do this.”

He thought to create a web page with images of how to install the ladder rack and include the link in his comments on the Home Depot site. Unfortunately, leaving a comment with a URL is against Home Depot’s review guidelines so if he does this, his comment will likely be removed or the URL will be stripped out.

When I checked Home Depot’s review guidelines I noticed Home Depot does do something else we can take advantage of. They are allowing you to upload your own photos and post a video.

Here was my suggestion:

On Home Depot’s review page, go ahead and write your comments. I wouldn’t try to include a website URL to make sure that the comment gets posted.

Upload images to the Home Depot Review Section. They are holding a contest for photos uploaded. You never know, maybe your photo will win $1000 for your. Don’t forget to embed your website URL on the image. This is what is most important, the watermark of your URL on your photos so that if they get out onto the web, your website will be seen. Why not angle the camera so that your logo is showing slightly. I wouldn’t suggest blatant advertising of your brand but subtly goes a long way here.

Create a video review of your findings. Have someone video you talking about your findings plus you and someone installing the ladder. Add your logo and URL onto the video at the end before posting it to your YouTube channel. On Home Depot’s site, you are allowed to add a link to a video. This gives you even more exposure.

Take that same review and write a detailed blog article with photos plus video embedded to post on your website. Tweet it out to Home Depot. If they are smart, they will comment and/or retweet. Your blog gives you content to push out onto social media. It’s the type of content that others want to know.

By using images that have a watermark of your URL, naming the image with your keywords, and posting the image on your blog as well as sites like Pinterest and Google Plus, you are putting out content that has the potential to bring you website traffic.

When someone has a problem what do they do? They type it into Google. Make sure the blog, image name, and video title have pain point keywords in order to get found. People want to know what you know and you can help them solve their problem.

This is powerful content creation. You just have to create valuable content and share it smartly.