You have probably heard all the fuss about content being king and have taken the step to create a blog for your business. The main challenge of blog writing is often how to get people to read and appreciate your blog. It all starts with coming up with a great content ideas, carrying out the research and creating a catchy and engaging read. There is a lot of potential in that blog which can only be realized if it is promoted the right way. In order for your blog to succeed, you need to get people to read it.

Promoting a blog is not an easy task, but there are a couple of proactive things your can do to get it seen by a wide audience.

Create a plan

You should create a plan for executing your content strategies. This plan should be broken down to daily activities to promote your blog. Your daily activities are greatly determined by your goals and the speed at which you want to achieve them. Having this guideline makes it easier to map out the road towards achieving your goals. Some of the daily activities you can include in your plan are reviewing your blog analytics, making personal contact with readers, writing content and drawing ideas for new content from reader feedback.

Promote the blog, do not change it

Once your blog is up, there is often the urge to constantly make small changes. Instead of focusing your attention on making changes, shift this focus to promoting your blog intensively for at least 60 days after launching it.


Interacting with your online audiences is a great way to promote your blogs. Talk to people, form new contacts and collect ideas. This will encourage your already won-over-readers to be part of your marketing team. They can help you out by sharing your content to their networks.

Link building

There are various link building tactics you can implement on your blog to get as much exposure on the internet as possible. Remember to link to reputable websites for the most traction. Link building is a fundamental aspect of building a successful blog.

Comment on other blogs and forums

Leaving comments on blogs is an easy way to steal traffic from related blogs. It helps to build your online presence when you comment on other blogs and forums. Becoming part of the conversation makes people curious to hear more of what you have to say. Participating genuinely in other blogs and forums can give you a voice.

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