Turning a blog into a recurring revenue stream isn’t a clear-cut endeavor for any blog owner. Many bloggers want to make money blogging, but they just don’t know where to start. However, there are some proven and steadfast ways to turn a blog into a way to earn money.

Sell Memberships

If their content is sought after enough, bloggers can get their audience to purchase memberships for some of the material. Offering some free content on their site— valuable posts pertaining to a blogger’s niche and their readers’ interests, make the audience want to read more. You can’t merely sell memberships sight unseen.

When their readers decide that they want to read more, blog owners can inform them of all the added benefit they can get with a premium subscription. Here are some ideas of things to offer to Premium members:

Private Communities

Many blogs use private forums and communities that you can only read and interact with as a paid subscriber as a way to create recurring revenue streams. This model means using premium members as a way to not only make money blogging but to produce ‘premium’ content without any added effort.

Premium Content

Bloggers need to dangle a carrot to get monthly subscribers to their content. This feature often entails the promise of some particularly juicy information behind a paywall. Some blogs give their subscribers a month-long free trial of the premium content, showing them what they’d be missing if they were to give up their premium membership.

Sell Digital Products

This angle may be more or less difficult depending on the subject matter of the blog, but adding digital products can be a money-making endeavor for almost any blog. If a blog deals with makeup or fashion, bloggers can sell online tutorials or fabric designs online without having to produce anything substantial.

These sales translate into recurring revenue streams, because the blog owner doesn’t have to go out of their way to create the product, but can still make money from producing something that the audience wants and is willing to purchase.

Selling Expertise

If a blogger doesn’t have a digital product stream, they can capitalize on their expertise. If a blogger has an audience on their blog, they’ve positioned themselves as an authority on their subject area— why not strive to monetize this even further?

Offering one-on-one or group business, writing or franchise (not to mention conceivably any other topic) coaching calls with subscribers who pay extra can provide value to subscribers and another revenue stream to blog owners. This model goes a step further than merely posting more premium content by using the ability to communicate lessons to subscribers who sign up for coaching services. The blogger can actually teach a new and useful skill in the process.

In Conclusion

It isn’t as challenging to make money blogging as it might seem; it just takes some creativity and self-promotion. If a blogger believes that their content and products are worth paying for a subscription, the blog’s audience probably will as well.

These factors, plus the ability to capitalize on ad revenue, are steadfast ways to generate recurring revenue streams for years to come.

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