How to Improve Website Traffic and Influence by Blogging series

Blogging is a big part of what I do for clients because I have found it quite successful at generating traffic. There is a common theme among Search Engine Optimization specialists of blogging.

The blogging lessons will be sent to those that sign up below. Each week you will receive a lesson directly into your inbox. In this email series, I’ll share with you many of the techniques I use for my clients plus provide “How To” details so you can start blogging successfully as well.

Here is an overview of the blog lessons:

Lesson 1: Categories are like hashtags
Lesson 2: How to promote a blog post
Lesson 3: Need Inspiration? Check out your competition
Lesson 4: Build upon other blog posts
Lesson 5: Link old blog posts together
Lesson 6: How to make 10 blogs from 1 topic
Lesson 7: Editorial calendar organizes your brain
Lesson 8: Review your website analytics
Lesson 9: Reach out to your sphere of influence
Lesson 10: Opinion Post, Because Opinions Matter
Lesson 11: Leave comments on other blogs
Lesson 12: Ask questions in your blog
Lesson 13: Convert web traffic to leads with calls to action
Lesson 14: List Blog are easy and attract traffic

Before we begin, your very first decision is the platform to host the blog articles. Content management sites like WordPress,, and Joomla come with blogging capabilities.

menu in wordpressIf you are using a WordPress website, a blog is built in. To set it up you need to:

  1. Create a page. You can name it anything, even “Blog”. For a dumpster company, “Trashtimonials.” For an Ice Cream Parlor, “The Scoop.”
  2. Add the page to the menu so people can find it.
  3. Update your categories in the Post section. Lesson 1 will cover this in more detail.
  4. Add New Post to create your first blog article.

add to menu


Web 2.0 Platform options:

  • is part of the Google products. If you have a Google account, you can quickly set up a site.
  • which is different than a hosted site with your domain name. doesn’t allow plugins or as much customization.

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The first lesson is on blog categories. Many times I start with a client only to find their categories are not well-thought out, instead they are a hodge-podge of words.

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