In this week’s marketing round up we are featuring Pitney Bowes Chief Marketing Officer Bill Borrelle who discusses the challenge of marketing new technology, why the Facebook Pixel tool is the simplest way to combat ad saturation and overspending, the National Football League has signed an advertising and content deal with Reddit, and Sean Astin reprises his character from the 1993 movie “Rudy” to become the newest Colonel Sanders for KFC’s 60-second spot.

CMO Q&A: How Pitney Bowes is Targeting Individuals

Pitney Bowes has a diverse customer base for its mailing and ecommerce solutions, from small offices to Fortune 500 firms. We recently chatted with CMO Bill Borrelle, to get his take engaging individuals within those enterprises, what types of content gets their attention and the challenges of keeping a nearly century-old brand fresh.

CHIEF MARKETER: What are the biggest marketing challenges for Pitney Bowes?

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How to take your Facebook ads to the next level in one easy step

The Facebook Pixel is a small bit of code that can be inserted into a website to capture cookie information from site visitors and then sync it with your Facebook Ads Manager account. It’s key to the success of any ad campaign where your goal is to drive traffic to a landing page or website.

Captured user information is automatically matched with that person’s Facebook profile and sent to your Facebook Ads Manager account for use in site traffic analytics and retargeting. Because 2.41 billion people actively use Facebook each month, according to the company, the match rate is often quite high.

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NFL to engage fans through Reddit in content and advertising partnership

The National Football League (NFL) is to participate in a series of ‘Ask Me Anything’ online discussions after agreeing to a wider digital content and advertising deal with Reddit.
In an effort to open up to fans, the league will field current and former players, executives, personnel and fans to be grilled by Reddit users in a free form chat at least once per month, supported by a digital video series which will be distributed via Reddit as well as the NFL’s social channels, website, and TV network.

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Ads We Like: Sean Astin becomes Colonel Sanders for KFC by channeling his Rudy character

Plenty of actors have played Colonel Sanders over the years for KFC, but as Sean Astin takes over the role, he does so playing two roles – the Colonel and his iconic underdog character from the film Rudy.

Astin stars in ‘Rudy II’ in a chicken-fried spoof of the original Rudy. In it, Astin is seen hoisted on his teammates’ shoulders in what looks like the end of the 1993 movie. It moves on from there as he sees a fan with a bucket of KFC and has an idea of what he wants for his future.

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If your business needs a creative strategy to get attention in a crowded marketplace, we’ve got ideas. And, we can install Facebook pixel code and get you on the right track for improving your ad results. Ready for more leads? Let’s talk.