News & Observer 8.20.13 Ask the experts: Reach potential customers with Facebook ads

You’ve started a Facebook page for your business, but you aren’t sure how to use its advertising or how to get people to “like” it. Kim Adamof, an Internet and social media consultant with her company, Raleigh Inbound Marketing, breaks down the process. Here are her edited comments.

Facebook users have identified themselves by liking pages, sharing interests and joining groups.

According to Facebook, “over one billion people like and comment an average of 3.2 billion times every day.” Facebook ads are paid messages that businesses can use to connect with these users, and targeting your ads will help you reach the right people.
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News & Observer 7.29.13 Female entrepreneurs face challenges and lingering misconceptions

Shop Talk reporter Virginia Bridges asked female entrepreneurs about the challenges they face. This is what they said.

•  “There is a challenge in reaching the male executives in many corporations. The gatekeepers to those executives are often females …, but they have often been trained well to keep the gate closed. It can sometimes seem that a female entrepreneur has to work harder and be more creative to get the gate to open,” said Pamela Higdon, president of Express Employment Professionals and Express Specialized Recruiting Group, which has locations in Durham and Raleigh.

•  “My biggest challenge these days is being a sole proprietor in a sometimes misunderstood industry,” said Nancy Campbell, a licensed massage and bodywork therapist in downtown Raleigh. “I have to seek out support outside of my four walls to help grow my business, and that’s not always easy to do. … Seventy-five percent of my business is education to my clients and to the general public. Those who (understand) massage and bodywork get it and benefit greatly. Those who think we’re still prostitutes or a luxury/pampering service usually turn a cold shoulder and don’t treat me as seriously as they do other industry leaders.”
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Triangle Business Journal
5.15.13 Why Social Media Matters

Excerpt:  As brands scramble for social audiences, a question arises – does it really matter?

And that’s just one of several that have popped up while promoting our company-wide social media competition.

How important is it to have Facebook followers? Should you “buy” your social media audience? Is it okay to follow more people than follow you on Twitter?

For clarity, we turned to social media guru and content marketing strategist at Raleigh Inbound Marketing, Kim Adamof, who had a lot to say on the subject. The short and sweet? It’s not the follow count but the “quality of your interaction” that should matter to a brand. But, with that being said, there are some minimums to strive for.

News & Observer  5.12.13 Triangle companies maximize social media results

Excerpt: Smithfield’s Chicken ’N Bar-B-Q hasn’t changed its menu for 40 years.

The company stands by the philosophy that clean stores, good food and good service – not fancy commercials and advertising campaigns – will bring customers in the door, said Richard Averitte, Smithfield’s operational and marketing director. [continue reading]

Burick Briefcase 5.14.13 Microsite Kicks off 33% Sales Increase 

Excerpt:  Today’s guest post from Kim Adamof of Raleigh Inbound Marketing is a case study — and content marketing success story — in how a microsite created a significant sales increase for a regional restaurant chain.

Fall is football season…and that means tailgating. In 2012, Smithfield’s Chicken ‘N Bar-B-Q, a chain of restaurants throughout North Carolina, wanted to increase sales of their tailgate special — but didn’t have a large advertising budget for TV and radio ads. The solution? A microsite promotion acting as a hub for online and social media.

News & Observer 2.25.13 Small Businesses use targeted marketing to contact specific customers

Excerpt: Emily Biggs opened her furniture studio knowing she would have to solve a complicated marketing puzzle, one that would determine how she would get customers in the door.

The former media specialist and marketing director also knew that it would take energy and money to come up with an effective marketing campaign.
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